Season’s Greetings!

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Thankfully, in the northern hemisphere the Winter Solstice has passed, so the days will now gradually lengthen, but there might still be some cold weather to come [again!] before we can enjoy some much-needed warmth; for all that the snow, ice & frost looks pretty in photographs, and can be enjoyed in small doses outdoors, I prefer mostly to look at it from a warm indoors! Whether you celebrate this time of year, and however you do it, I hope it brings you joy & companionship; suffice to say, I will be making the most of the urge to hibernate by reading avidly, remembering to borrow sufficient books from my lovely library to tide me over while it is closed for the holiday, so there will be another review anthology in due course. Have a cool Yule, y’all!


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