Query.Letter.com writing contest

A while back, I posted about this contest, and offered readers the chance to participate. Well, the contest has now closed, and the winners decided. In the first ten, there was one winner from the UK, one from Ireland, one from Australia, one from Canada, one from Sweden, and the rest were from the United States. According to the site’s administrator:

“It was a huge success, with a total of 3,847 submissions! … We were really impressed by the fantastic work carried out by all the authors … We think there’s a lot to learn from these expertly crafted blurbs.”

Lana, site administrator

If you would like to find out who the winner was, and see a list of the top ten ‘blurbs’, please go to: https://www.queryletter.com/post/announcing-the-winner-of-the-2020-queryletter-com-writing-contest

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