Honey from a Weed

Honey From a Weed: many so-called weeds are edible!

Tasmanian Discoveries

I am very grateful for Tasmania’s library system which allows me to order a chosen book online, be notified when it has reached my local library and that it is ready for my collection. Honey from a Weed, the title of a book by Patience Gray, focuses on fasting and feasting in Tuscany, Catalonia, The Cyclades and Apulia.

Honey from a Weed

I had been intrigued by reviews to order this book. And it has delivered in spades. Quirky. Exceptionally well researched. Superbly engaging writing. So much information that is adaptable to the increasingly Mediterranean climate of where I live in Bellerive, in suburban Hobart.  Information about cooking equipment, about chopping and pounding different foods, food gathering, vegetable heritage, and edible weeds. But much more.

I was entranced with a saying from Carrara (yes that is well known Italian city for its marble): ‘who wants to eat a good supper should eat…

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