The Farmers Market

A sensible approach to shopping has been adopted in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Discoveries

Every Sunday morning hundreds, if not thousands, of people descend on Bathurst St in the centre of Hobart at the Farm Gate Market where local producers from small holdings bring their freshly picked or caught produce.

However, with the constraints of the Corona virus, there was a moment when the market might be closed down permanently. Obviously this would penalise growers, meat producers and fishermen and it would penalise members of the community who like their food to be local (carbon emissions reduction) and like their food grown without pesticides and fungicides, and grown with love and care. After the Easter Sunday market was cancelled, it was reinstated the following Sunday with many new procedures in place.

That day I walked from the eastern shore into the city and, as I passed along Bathurst St heading towards the market, I could see a couple of blocks in the distance, a…

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