A Rich Man’s House

Here’s a very interesting book recommendation from Dr Helen Tyzack in Hobart, Tasmania.

Tasmanian Discoveries

A few weeks ago I finished reading the novel, A Rich Man’s House written by Andrew McGahan.

A Rich Mans House

The story line mentions Tasmania and my home town of Hobart, and it mentions Antarctica – all of this sentimentally endeared me to it in the first few pages. But that is not enough to sustain me through a book. A strong, unusual story written in an accessible style is what I want to read.  McGahan delivered.  He creates a new part of the world in a plausible and realistic fashion; so well at the beginning that I felt confused enough to begin to believe it. Then as I read further, quite clearly his creation of an excessively high mountainous island south of Tasmania and north of Antarctica is a fiction. Overlaid on this location are a few characters which I either loathed or loved for their attitudes, values and behaviours.

Over the…

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