Five Links 10/4/19 Loleta Abi

Five links, 04/10/19, reblogged from Loleta Abi.

Loleta Abi Romance Author

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Links 10/4/19



“Nervous, scared, anxiously looking around the room, feeling like every word
you say is being judged. This are recognisable feelings in everyone, and
that is before you start to share your writing.

But I’m not talking about the new writing
students here, those who are determined to fill a lifelong ambition and who
embark on my courses and workshops. I am referring to me, the writing coach.

Each intake of students is different, but
all look to me wide-eyed for inspiration, motivation and the answer to ‘So when
do I call myself a writer?’ That is a question I have been getting to grips
with for the last few years myself.

As a previous teacher of high school
English, then coming home to look after my own family, I got into a rut, and
then was too…

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