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Links 9/27/19



“Learning to write well is tough. Getting published is tougher. And selling
your published books is tougher still.

Nevertheless, we persist. Most writers
feel compelled to write, and usually nothing can stop us.

But wecanbe waylaid,
distracted, and seriously discouraged. Some of us can’t write for years because
of devastating “creativity wounds” and body-blows to our self-esteem.
Misguided and untrained beta readers andcritique groupscan also kill a writer’s

Others quit writing after horrific
experiences with scam publishing companies and bogus agents. I have written
often about thepublishing scammerswho lie in wait for newbie
writers. Do check out myposts
on scams
, and always checkWriter Beware.Scammers can break your heart as
well as emptying your bank account.

I’ve also heard from several authors who
put their writing on hiatus after…

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