RTBG – Thursday 12 September 2019

Spring arrives in the southern hemisphere.

Tasmanian Discoveries

I was fortunate when one of my fellow volunteers offered me a lift to and from the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG). Effortless for me. Very grateful. Overnight the wind had torn at houses and the landscape. When I awoke, the weather was still wildly performing outside. The mountain had disappeared.  I texted my ride, told her that the weather was always good on Thursdays when we worked in the Food Garden, and suggested we should not be deterred by the current situation. We were not put off and by the time we walked in through the elaborate Victorian gates at the RTBG, the heavens above were very blue.

We signed on as usual and headed down the hill. Startled by the brilliance of flowering tulips, we stopped and marvelled.  IMG_7238.JPGIMG_7241.JPGIMG_7240.JPGWe continued onwards to ‘our’ patch.  Yes it was once known as Pete’s Patch. These days we all feel some…

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